Sunday, June 7, 2009

I think I am in over my head!

Ok it has been what a month?! lol ya oops? Ok so its been a crazy month at that! I FINALLY went and got my E Soccer Coaching license though! YAHOO for me!

We have been so busy! I cant believe how fast this year is going by! Bailee is getting funnier and sassier, and the smartest little girl i know! To just catch you up on a few things that have been happening:

CHAN HAD HER BABY!! YAY Welcome to the world Baby AnDee!! She is SO ADORABLE!

Bran and I went medically insane and decided to coach 2 soccer teams this year :) It will be so much work, but so fun and worth it!

ParTIEs to DYE for is getting really busy!! Which is awesome!! But when you see me and i have colored hands permanently...that is why :)

I am just starting to try to get into helping out with some charities..( and I hope to do some really good things with that!

Soccer is as always going busy!

Ok lots more, but I think I will just post some pics, I will try to not do to many!!

This is Bailee with Chan and Andrews dog, Hunter. Bailee LOVES Hunter and Betty!! ( the BEST dogs EVER!!)

Bailee smelling the flowers

Bailee, Chan, and Andrew smelling the flowers

Bailee swimming..and yes that is a sock monkey swimming suit :)

All of us at the Air show! ( AMAZING AMAZING SHOW)

(Dad is singing in the car again)

Baby Andee Lew... SO SO SO ADORABLE!

Bailee as a flower girl at Kylie's Wedding

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back talking at the ripe ol' age of... 20 MONTHS?!

Yes its true... Bailee is back talking ALREADY!! lol its soo cute though, when she does, All I can do is laugh!! Give it a few more weeks and I am sure my blog will change! :) I will try to get a video of it, but it all started last week when Bran had a can of coke, and he she went to go try to pick it up, he sees her eyeing it, so he grabs it and says, " I don't think so.." :) Bailee looks at him points her finger at him, and says to him even LOUDER!! ... " I DONT THINK SO" Lol I was DYING honestly one of the funniest things, she looks like she is maybe a year old, so to hear her back talking is awesome!! Luckily it hasnt been towards me yet, just her dad, but again she did it to him tonight at dinner! CLASSIC!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ok so its been like 3 weeks.. which for me isnt bad!! YAHOO for me! Well last weekend was busy, we had Kathys baby shower.. super fun! ( and she hardly looks pregnant?!)It was so good to see some old friends and catch up on everyones crazy busy lives! Now we have to find a way to get Kathy and Levi to move back to Utah!!

Also it was Easter! We had a blast! Bailee was older this year so it made it way more fun! She was kinda creeped out when we tried to tell her about the Easter Bunny coming into our house, but she was cool with the basket she earned!!

We went to church with my family, and Bailee slept through Sacrament?! It was kinda nice to get to listen to all the talks, but i did miss sharing some snacks with her! ;)

Also this week ParTIES to DYE for hosted there first Tie Dye party!! It was so fun, and SOO crazy. We had about 20 or so kids! Chan SAVED my life by coming to help out! and now we have some new ideas to improve even more!
Now it is Thursday.. well Friday at 2:33 a.m., and there is freaking snow outside!! Wanna know how to make me mad?! FREAKING SNOW IN APRIL!! Good thing its supposed to get into the 70's next week! Ok i hate typing, I just finished tie dying 2 shirts ( 2 new designs I have never attempted before!) and i am exhausted! Here are some pictures from Easter and the last few weeks....

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tie Dye, Biggest Loser and Sweet Pics?! Read on my friend!

Hmm well I hate hate hate the cold weather, we had a week of nice warm weather and it was so fun to take Bailee out to soccer practice with the girls, and now its snowing?! ANNOYING!! Anyways, my new obsession is Tie dying, and i have started a company!! YAHOO for me! My family through the idea out there that i am so obsessed with it i should do something fun with it, so I started a party company.. ParTIEs to DYE for ... thats the name, I am almost a legal legit company, so if you have birthdays, baby/bridal showers, sports teams that want tie dye shirts...CALL ME!! Even if its just a few Chan Whit and I we have tie dyed the last two nights, it NEVER gets old!

Not much else is new with us, Bran is working for Comcast still, he enjoys it, meets awesome people like some dude that legally changed his name to McGyver!! BEST NAME EVER! he has no last name, just McGyver!

OH I almost forgot!! Side note!! :) for my birthday i got the Biggest Loser cookbook, its AWESOME! a really love it! I found some sweet new recipes that are fast and easy, and healthy! My secret wish is to go on Biggest Loser! How awesome to get to work out everyday and do awesome challenges and learn the healthiest way to eat?! SIGN ME UP!

Anywho on to funner things like Bailee :) she is the funnest girl ever! I love getting to stay home with her and spend my days with her, she is so funny and so entertaining! Here are some pics my sister had of her..... enjoy :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bailees play attire?!

Ok So Bailee loves loves loves shoes!! Always wants to wear some sort of shoe or slipper, even if its mine or Brandons. She has probably more shoes then me! So the other night she is playing, she is in her pajamas but just playing and reading books before bed time, she finds her boots that she wore that day, and wants to put them on.......

At first I thought oh she wont really want to play in them, they are bigger boots?! ( that's the tomboy in me that she hasn't perfected yet) She is SOOO sure she needs to be wearing them she wont let us do anything until we help her put them on, so here is a picture of her in her pajamas and sweet boots. (side note don't mind the mess ha ha she likes to scatter everything! and that is Brans pretty leg, trust me that would make me throw up in my mouth a little if it was my hairy leg)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The amazing Wii Fit

Ok so Bailee is officially sick BOO! She has a nasty cough and you can hear her sore throat! So SAD but she is a champ and has been pretty good for the most part. She actually loves the wii fit!! We got a few pictures of her, some of the games she is pretty good at too! Here are a few of her pictures, being sick and still rockin the Wii fit haha

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hmmm well I am still trying to keep this blogging thing alive, so i will update a little. Bailee has a cough :( hopefully nothing to big or long lasting, just an annoying cough so far! I have been in such a baking mood lately!! I dont know what to bake, so any suggestions are welcome!!

So here is where i will announce my LOVE for my DVR. Yes this sounds like words of a big lazy person, which i dont consider myself, but really! that is the best thing ever! I can record my shows ( BIggest Loser, 24, The Amazing Race, etc.) then i can watch them when i want, fast forward through the commercials, and rewind and watch any of it again!! AMAZING! Side note on how awesome it is, we have the works cable package ( nearly 200 dollars a month) but its free for us because Bran works for Comcast.... well now you know, i love my DVR! If you dont have one... GET ONE! :)

Here are some pictures, just all random ones :)